Sunday, February 26, 2006

SocMo tea

Every morning I start the day with 32 oz of tea in my indestructible nalgene bottle. Usually by noon it is all gone. Here is how I make my tea each day.. arrived at by trial and error over the years. Pay attention... there may be a pop quiz later.

First I microwave 2 cups (16 oz) of water in the microwave in my pyrex measuring cup. This is a fairly new measuring cup because recently I microwaved my water... and forgot to put water IN the cup first. I had to go to Wally World and buy myself a new one. So... before heating the water, always make sure there IS water in there. Next I put two (2) FAMILY sized tea bags in and steep for 7-8 minutes. I have to use a timer because after about one (1) minute I am into something else and have completely forgotten that I am making tea. I must have a short attention span. Wanna go play kickball?

When the loud, annoying beeps remind me that I am making tea, I rush back and pull out the tea bags. Then I add 1/3 cup of sugar. I like sweetened tea... but not syrupy sweet. And I get concerned about how much sugar I am consuming, so 1/3 cup seems to be the happy medium for me.

I add a couple of handfulls of ice to my pitcher and pour the hot sweetened tea in on top of it. As the hot tea melts the ice it cools it all down and I start adding water from the faucet.

TA-DAAAAA! Now it is ready for drinking... fill up that bottle and get to work! ... or go back to that kickball game.


The Tart said...

You must be jacked up all day LONG!

Great secret recipe...must go make a batch..under weather today!

The Tart

Si-Guy said...

Wow, great idea! I'm gonna need to go make some! Right... NOW!