Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the humor of Publix #1

The closest grocery store to me is a Publix. I find myself dashing off to Publix often for milk, bread and eggs. Normally I don't buy store brand items, but recently we found that the Publix animal crackers were very good! Then I started noticing the packaging. It is a very clean package design and... PUBLIX HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR! I like that! They are winning me over. I am a sucker for a good package design with a funny twist to it.

I noticed that the animal sketches are a bit drab looking en mass, so I have decided to brighten up the blog with a sample of Publix humor for a few days. I am working my way through the cracker aisle at the moment. Read the small print under the picture. And... you can click on the image to see it up close and personal.


paula said...

Ha! That's great! At least it gives the poor person who has to work on this project something to feel good about. Looking forward to seeing more Publix humor!

Lisa Fields said...

hahaha i love should try the publix brand pickles, they are fabulous