Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pig and blankets

I had a request to see the pig with the pancakes. "Pig in a blanket" is more "diner lingo" (see previous post) for a sausage link wrapped in a pancake. Good stuff! We had pancakes Sunday. I like to get a leftover pancake out of the fridge and put grape jelly on it for a snack. Or... two leftover pancakes with peanut butter & jelly is also reeeeeally good. Unfortunately there were no leftovers. As the pancakes sat out on the stove, I would pick one up and munch on it whenever I walked by... and soon there were no more pancakes.


1 comment:

pjMo said...

Thank you! I heart pancakes too, btw. This turned out well, Dogu!

Can I request another one? I'm going to just randomly pick a number this time so I can be surprised. How 'bout....13? Thanks, man. : )