Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Even in the midst of his demanding presidential campaign, SocMo has an EXCESS of holiday cheer!

My computer has been in the shop for a week waiting for a new power supply. I think I need a new power supply to! :0) After I got it home and all hooked up again, all was hunky-dory for a couple of hours till my internet connection disappeared. None of my usual tricks of unplugging and restarting would make the connection come back... so I went to bed. Today it's working again! (a Christmas miracle?) So I thought I would dash out an Illustration Friday post while everything is working. I'm crossing my fingers and holding my breath... hope this all works... :0)


mrs. b. said...

Maybe a Festivus Miracle!! ; ) Glad you're up and running, and Socmo is adorable as usual, so I hope you get this comment! Cute illo! : )

a : )

Doug said...

Thanks Mrs B!
a Festivus miracle? Hmmmm.... could be.... :0)

paula said...

Glad you could surface long enough to do a quick IF-Soc sketch! Hope the presents that are bouncing off his stack aren't breakable!

Did I ever mention to you that I played trombone too? Time to break them out and do some Christmas carols for friends and strangers, eh!

Catnapping said...

god, it's awful when the pooter is broken.

my pc never did get fixed. i spent the money UPS settled, on a laptop...it's vista, and my scanner won't talk to it.

so i've only been able to upload some of my linework/sketches...at the kinko's, budget permitting...and that's rare.

so i've been teaching myself to draw with a mouse. insane.

hope you and socmo have a happy happy and a cool yule.

mrs. b. said...

tagged you for your top 25 movies, doug!