Thursday, January 10, 2008

spontaneous doodling

There was this page in my sketchbook that I really didn't like. There were some really bad drawings on it that I didn't want to keep. So I ripped it out... and then stared drawing on the back. Just random doodling ... whatever came out kind of stuff. No pressure to make a good drawing, cuz I'm tossing this stinkin' page in the trash any minute now.

But a funny thing happened... since I didn't care what happened, I relaxed and "let it fly" ...I loosened up. I liked what was coming out. After several loose drawings, I saw a British Bobby on TV. I drew a tall hat and a guy wearing it... I liked it so here it is...

I need to find that "what the heck, who cares" button again when I draw. It's like the Staples EASY button. Now where did I put it? ....


Isabelle said...

Hi Doug,

Love your funny doodles, glad I discovered your blog!
I know exactly what you mean: that darn button keeps disappearing..

bored-but-busy said...

Can't say I've ever heard (or had) that button, but it sure would make my life/work easier, at least mentally.

Now, if you're like me, you'll just loooooove the sketch, but come back to it after a few months and start noticing flaws and mistakes. Never fails.

Love it, btw!

Chickengirl said...

I think I need that EASY button for many things, and yeah, thats one of them!

I usually don't like ripping pages out from my sketchbook, but gosh when there is a bad sketch in there it just drives me nuts, and then sometimes the sketches go from bad to worst, ick!

Yeah, I like your tall hat guy.. let it fly!!