Thursday, May 29, 2008


What, SocMo worry?

I grew up on Mad Magazine. I was drawing Alfred E. Neuman in Jr. High school. Back then, Mad was a black and white magazine with NO advertising. Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, and Paul Coker Jr. were my heroes. I probably learned everything I know about making humorous drawings from trying to draw like those guys. Bill Gaines was the publisher of Mad for over 40 years. He had a thing for King Kong (the original) so on his birthday, the artists mounted a huge Kong head outside his office window in New York. It was a great time to work for Mad. On my first trip to NYC I visited the offices of Mad. I got to look into some flat files and see original artwork by Mort Drucker. Fabulous stuff!

Mad seems a lot different to me now. It is on slicker paper, printed in color, and has advertising. Oh well, times change.

Now keeping with the worry theme, as Bobby McFarin says... "Don't worry, be HAPPY!"
(I wish I could link up with that song somehow)


rbaird said...

I used to read Mad too! I always got a kick out of the christmas issues. I don't know why...just funny.
I did a Bobby McFerrin portrait for IF, got the song from playlist.

MADfan2 said...

Heh! You nailed the Neuman look on Soc!

Just like you, I grew up on MAD. (Can you see Sergio's influence in my work?) Haven't looked at the mag in years, though, but still have issues from the 70's.

And thanks. Now I've got that McFarin song in my head. GET OUT! GET OUT!

Pickledog said...

Yes! That is awesome!

Great story about MAD as well. I wish someone would put a giant kong outside my window.

I loved reading it as a kid. I probably didn't get half of the jokes, but it was always really funny to me. I somehow drifted away from it in my teens.

It has changed a lot, but on the plus side they have a web site now!

Dot said...

the resemblance is amazing! of course, i have a soft spot for monkeys... really cute!

Tracy said...

I used to LOOOOVE reading MAD magazine when I was little! My good ol' mom would even buy them for me even though I'm sure she didn't approve of their humor! :) You did an excellent job with this illustration!

Andrew Wales said...

I think I know how you can link to a song. On my blog, I put a playlist. You can choose which song will play when someone visits your blog. I always try to choose a song that "fits" the most current entry.