Friday, October 02, 2009

Walk Like Groucho Day!

It's a GERM of an idea. Let's see if we can spread it around like Swine Flu... or H1N1 as they call it. Which really looks like Hiney flu, doesn't it? But I digress. This is Groucho's birthday and Richard Thompson is trying to make it the official "Walk Like Groucho" day. I suggest you go to Walmart and walk like Groucho down the tube sock aisle. No one will even notice you there. They are all busy wearing their Three Wolf Moon Shirts and combing their mullets.

(P.S. For a good time, read the reviews on Amazon for the Three Wolf Moon shirt.)


Connie said...

Great drawing (lots of lines) of one of my heroes; grew up with his radio and TV shows.

paula said...

Hey! I'd love to see a video of Doug Jones walking like Groucho! How 'bout it, DJ...!?

Ginger*:) said...

Yes of course... "Walk this way...."