Friday, November 04, 2005

Dude Doodle

So... FIRST I discovered Illustration Friday a few weeks ago. It looked like fun. I made a Blog so I could participate in it. THEN I started discovering all the great drawing Blogs and started bookmarking them. There are SO many... my bookmark list is a mile long now. So many Blogs... so little time!

After 5 Illustration Friday posts and getting my feet wet in this Blogging thing, I think it's time to start puttting up some other things too. So NOW... in addition to posting my I.F. pictures, I will attempt to also post drawings and things that I hope will be fun and entertaining.

This is a doodle that popped out while watching TV the other night.

Stay tuned!


doodlestreet said...

I looked at your web site...your an excellent cartoonist! Must be something about that Jones name that makes for a good doodler...I've got the same toon genetics! Love your work!

Pam Jones
a.k.a. doodlestreet--

Alina Chau said...

nice drawing!