Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Not much has been happening here on JONESAPALOOZA lately, has it? It's high time to slap up some thing new! ...Let's DO IT!

I was drawing a chameleon the other day, and had the thought that I could work him into an Illustration Friday image. So... here you go. Meet Rufus, a chameleon who is having trouble finding the right PATTERN to use for blending into his surroundings.

This is pencil and Photoshop... click on the image to enlarge. I dare you.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


(click to enlarge)

I watched the amazing BOBBY CHIU paint a monster (actually several monsters) on his blog... and then just HAD to draw one myself. I grabbed a pencil and started drawing. Something fuzzy... with wings... and ears... and a tail. I haven't drawn with a pencil like this in a long time. It was fun. I usually use a mechanical pencil to sketch with. It is handy to just click to get more lead without a pencil sharpener... but I picked up a "Thoro Black" drawing pencil and it made such NICE lines! Sometimes just a simple change of tools or materials can cause you to have a different experience when you draw.

After I drew the monster, I thought I would add a WELCOME sign on the cloud. Since WELCOME is the IF word of the week. You just wouldn't believe how many clouds don't welcome flying monsters. It's a pity. : )

I scanned in the drawing and then had some fun playing around with layers and colors in Photoshop. I have a lot to learn there, but it is becoming more familiar to me all the time. So that's it. Go watch Bobby, grab a pencil, and draw a monster.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Are you STRONG enough to hold up a door?

Kids... don't try this at home! This should only be attempted by a highly trained, professional door holding monster with a good insurance plan.