Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Deja Vu all over again

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Here is an entertaining story that happened to me recently. It was the highlight of my road trip.

Last Thursday I drove from Nashville to my hometown in Missouri to gather with my family. That is about a seven hour trip. We left around 10AM and two and a half hours later we were in Paducah KY at lunch time. We ate at a Backyard Burger. I really like their Blackened Chicken sandwich. While we were eating, I noticed a couple eating in a booth. The older lady was wearing a tan turban on her head and had a plaid coat on. The older gentleman she was with had on a red vest type jacket and was sporting jet black hair. I do believe it was chemically enhanced. I commented to my wife about the lady's turban. 

So... we had a great time in Missouri and headed home on Sunday morning. We got off to an early start and four hours later we were in Paducah again. At lunchtime. At the same Backyard Burger. As we were eating our lunch, I saw the same couple come in, order and sit down in the same booth again. She was wearing the turban and coat, and he was wearing the red vest and that unnaturally black hair.

Just what are the odds that I would travel hundreds of miles to be in the restaurant at the exact time to see these people twice? I wonder if this is a good omen for the new year. Has my luck changed this year? 

Let's hope so.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Blog!

I am starting off the new year with a NEW BLOG! I am excited! Take a look at it and follow along on my painting adventure in 2012. Just CLICK HERE!  ...thankyouverymuch.