Thursday, July 31, 2008

SHARKweek day 4our

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SocMo loves to go motoring in his classic 1932 Sharkly-Benz… and offer people a taste of his Grey Poupon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SHARKweek day 3hree

So... last night I had a dream. In the dream I was told to make a drawing of a SHARK eating a SNAKE with a FORK in a fine dining establishment that had a ROSE on the table. Well... you just can't argue with a cryptic dream, so here it is.

This is very similar to another dream that you can see HERE. I'm just glad I only have to do ONE drawing... unlike that poor soul who has over 400 more paintings to go...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SHARKweek day 2wo

Faster than Montezuma's Revenge... more powerful than a bottle of Windex... able to swim over tall buildings....

"LOOK... down in the ocean... it's a FISH, it's a SUB... NO, it's SHARKman... with his faithful sidekick GuppyBoy!"

Yep, day 2 of SHARKweek is in gear! And what could be better than a SuperHero? Sharkman is an awesome crime fighter. He was bitten by a radioactive shark while visiting an aquarium, and developed his Sharky sense. When he finds bad guys in the act, he CHOMPS them... eats them right up. This saves taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs in prosecuting criminals. Lawyers hate Sharkman.

Monday, July 28, 2008

SHARK week!

It's Shark Week here on JONESAPALOOZA! I thought I would follow the lead of Discovery Channel and do something sharky each day this week.

I have not seen the new Batman movie yet, but I can't avoid those creepy images of the Joker. Woo... that is one scary dude! So what would be even SCARIER? Well.... how about a Joker SHARK... of course! This shark is so unfunny that he has to use CANNED laughter after he tells a joke.

Friday, July 25, 2008


When I was small, I used to entertain myself by lying in the floor and drawing. I would draw for hours. All kinds of things came out of my pencil. Cartoon characters, dinosaurs, inventions... random stuff.

It seems that now, most of my drawing is for assignments. And I am drawing lots of things that are not very interesting to me. And I am trying to draw them in the style the client is expecting... not much fun.

But the other day I sat down and tried to draw for fun again. After a few doodles that went nowhere, I did this little Jackalope that I liked... so here it is!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I got another Illustration Friday picture scratched out during Masterpiece Theater last night. I wish I had time to look at all the other entries and post comments, but this is going to be a busy week. I've had ENOUGH busy weeks. I haven't even put up my hammock this summer! ENOUGH!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oil Change

The "Service Engine Soon" light has been on in my vehicle for a couple of weeks now and it was getting on my nerves. All 5,473 of my nerves. I also had some sketches that were past due to a client in downtown Nashville. I decided I could do both of these things in one fell swoop and feel good about myself for being somewhat efficient. So I drove downtown, dropped off my sketches and took my vehicle in with my oil-change/tire-rotation-money-saving coupon in my hand. I thought I might do some preliminary doodling on a job while I was waiting for the oil change. BUT, as I walked out the door, I saw the skyline of Nashville spread out before me. So I hopped up on a little wall and started sketching it.
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On the extreme left is the Tennessee state capitol. The next building to the right became my measuring rod. Everything from that point on was compared to that first tall building to try to keep everything in proportion. "Is this building half as tall as the first building.... and is it wider than the first building?" This kept me pretty much on track, but I seemed to get larger as I went across the page. The last building on the right is what we refer to around here as the Batman building. The coolist building in town. It took about 30 minutes to draw across the skyline and I then decided it was time to check on the status of my vehicle.

Of course it wasn't ready yet, so I sat down in the waiting room. And there... about 6 feet away... and not noticing me... was this girl with a really great profile! I couldn't resist! She was listening to an earphone and watching the TV as she waited. I secretly drew and drew and pretended to be staring off into space (which I am VERY good at) if anyone looked at me. So I finished the girl and then drew a few cartoony cows for good measure. Then they called my name, I paid, got in, drove home, and lived happily ever after.

the end.

Monday, July 14, 2008


SocMo is a bit FOGGY in the morning until he has had his first cup of coffee.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008