Friday, August 21, 2009


One should exercise CAUTION when attempting to belch the alphabet underwater! Kids... don't try this at home...

Friday, August 14, 2009


If you go out walking your pet, make sure the leash is WRAPPED around your hand, or the critter might run off!

This picture was inspired by the Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty blog. The idea is to find a drawing by one of the kids and then do it in your own style. The drawing that grabbed my attention first was great! There really wasn't much I had to do but draw it and WRAP my style around it. Cool monsters!

Here is what I worked from.

There is still time to participate in this fun challenge... if you are really FAST!

Friday, August 07, 2009

SHARKweek day5

pencil and Photoshop

Sometimes I see a flock of birds in a yard pecking around. They look like a little herd of cows out to pasture. And I wonder... what if birds were the size of cows?

Imagine walking along and having a cow sized bird land right in front of you. From out of nowhere. That sharp beak, those talons, the IMPATIENCE and jerky movements... I'd be scared. Really scared! The only thing worse than that would be flying sharks!

This is the last episode of SHARKweek for this year. Hope it was fun for all 12 of you who followed along for the week. I'm gonna take a nap now...keep an eye out for large birds or flying sharks for me, will you?...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

SHARKweek day4

pencil and Photoshop (click to enlarge)

It's a struggle to keep SHARKweek going sometimes. Last night around 9 PM I was doodling up some ideas. Some were pretty good, but I just lacked the energy to do them. I was out of steam. (I am a steam-powered, steampunk artist) So I called it quits for the day.

This morning after a cup of java, I selected the easiest idea I had, and knocked this one out. Again, I am experimenting with Photoshop. I found a texture box to click on the brushes and also wet edges. I don't think any of that will actually show up on the screen, but I think it might if it was being printed.

Well, enough of this rambling. Only one more day of SHARKweek to go!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SHARKweek day3

pencil and Photoshop (click to enlarge)

SpongeBob Squarepants meets SpongeShark Mickeypants.

Around 8:30 last night I remembered that I needed another image for my ongoing SHARKweek here. So I started thinking about the name SpongeBob and playing around with it. I wanted to make it fit a shark somehow. I came up with SpongeShark and then tried to think of some other kind of pants to add to the name... and came up with Mickey pants. At 9:00 any idea is a good idea. : )

After I had drawn my shark, I thought the picture needed a little something else. Why not toss in SquareBob himself? I added him floating upside down and that was it. I had just started coloring it when a big thunderstorm blew into town and I had to shut down and unplug the computer.

This morning I finished it up and here you go! Dang... now I need another idea...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Monday, August 03, 2009

SHARKweek day1

Yes, once again it is SHARKweek here on Jonesapalooza! Taking my cue from the Discovery channel, I will try to bring you new and exciting sharky things each day this week.

Sometimes if you want to avoid being seen, you have to MODIFY your appearance. Like say, putting on a "happy face" mask. Then when your victim gets close enough, you say, "Have a nice day!" and gobble them up! Yes, nature is so cruel...