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How to make a Frappuccino… or iced coffee

Several weeks ago I was eating my breakfast of scrambled eggs and having my morning coffee when I noticed I was breaking out in a sweat. It is against my policy to sweat before I even begin work, so I decided it was time to switch to my summertime coffee mode. Iced coffee… or rather my Faux Frappuccino.

Now, for the first time I am sharing my top secret formula and techniques with you. Hang on… here goes.

First, I use Cafe Bustelo coffee. It seems to be available everywhere and is about the least expensive coffee on the shelf. If you use some wimpy coffee, you will fail. This is espresso coffee and here is the deal. When you cold brew coffee you get a nice, smooth, non-bitter brew with minimal acidity. Cafe Bustelo works great for this.

Add 4 oz of coffee to 2 quarts of water. If you don't have a good scale, one and one half cups of coffee will get you really close to 4 oz. Stir this up and get rid of all lumps. It takes a little attention here to get all the grounds in contact with the water. 

Now, put the lid on your container and set it out for 10-12 hours at room temperature. That's it. Go live your life while it brews. I mix it up in the morning and finish the process before bed. 

OK… 10-12 hours later grab a big spoon and scoop out the floating coffee grounds. Then pour the coffee through a fine mesh strainer. I found my coffee filter strainer at the grocery store. Just hanging there. I strain the coffee into my nifty Rubbermaid carafe and set it in the refrigerator overnight. 

The next morning I have 2 quarts of chilled coffee concentrate which will last me about a week... depending on how much I drink. I have to use self control to avoid guzzling down the whole thing in a day it is so good!

So… now you are on your own. Making a coffee drink that you like is a personal taste kind of thing, so you better get busy figuring out what proportions work for you. 

You might try my version of a Frappuccino. I have found that if I pour 1/3 mug (my 16 oz mug) of coffee concentrate and 2/3 mug of milk and add two teaspoons of sugar and stir like mad (to dissolve the sugar) I will come up with something close to the milky Frappuccio that you buy at the store. You can use half and half to make it really good. Of course you can add some chocolate for a Mocha Frappuccino or whatever flavorings you like.

For iced coffee you might try first filling up your glass with ice, then fill it about half way with coffee concentrate and the other half with milk or half and half. Add sugar to your taste. If you like your coffee black just use water instead of milk. This is concentrate so don't try to drink it straight. 

With a little experimentation you will come up with your perfect summertime coffee drink.