Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bravia ads!

Well, for those friends dropping by to see my latest IF picture, I got too busy to get one done last week... even with that terrific word -TROUBLE. I had SO many ideas for it, but no time to make a picture. Maybe I will be able to get one done this week. I am a bit busy with work right now, and tomorrow I go in to have my wisdom teeth yanked out. I guess I should say "removed"... but YANKED is much more graphic, don't you think?

Anyhoo... I wanted to share my favorite video which is an ad for Bravia. It always makes me happy to watch this. I watched it over and over when I first found it. Watch the extended version. It may take a while to download, but it is absolutely worth it!
Here is the link: BALLS

There is a new ad I just saw today. This one is just as great and it uses paint. Take a look:PAINT If you watch these let me know what you think. They are amazing!


paula said...

Whoa! I got sidetracked by the hauntingly sweet music track! Thankfuly Sony has a page with info and videos on the artist (Jose Gonzalez). I wondered what key he was in, and I see his guitar is capoed. It's probably alternate tuning, too, since the bass line is so prominant and heavy. Oh, sorry...The pretty colored bouncy balls are nice, too! Thanks for sharing the link. I'll check out the other video later. Oh...and hope you're feeling okay after your teeth yanking (it is indeed a "yanking", yes!)

mrs. b. said...

i watched the first one, haven't watched the second one yet, but very happy! i posted it to my blog as well! i hope you're feeling better too, teeth pullin' ain't no walk in the park, and that you looked at a Highlights, that's so nice! hope the puzzler took your mind off of it for a few! : )

Doug said...

I am so glad you two liked this. When I first found it, I watched it over and over. It is fascinating to me... and the music is so perfect!

The second one is also good... but the first one just really connects to me for some reason...

Kathy Weller said...

that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

how thw heck did they clean that up?!? must take 10,000 industrial-strength liquid vacuums. ;)

The ball ad is, well, moving. Not to be a sap...but, it is. ;)