Sunday, October 29, 2006

Paint Out!

WOO!... the color on this scan came out very BRIGHT! The actual painting is more subtle. This looks really gaudy here...
On Saturday I participated in the Oil Painters of America (OPA) great Paint Out. This is a national event that encourages anyone and everyone to go outside and paint. The Tennessee Paint Out took place at Bowie Park in Fairview, TN. It was a beautiful fall day, with blue skies and awesome fall colors on the trees. Most painters lined a small lake and painted the scene. It was fun to see 35 or so people painting away. A representative from American Artist was there taking pictures of it all. In the midst of all the quiet beauty... a bunch of geese went crazy honking and causing a ruckus for about 10 minutes on the lake. It was the noisiest thing I have ever heard!

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paula said...

I wish I could paint like that! I read your other entry about this on your joint blog with your brothers. It looks like it was a most enjoyable time.