Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday sketching

click to see full size
I enjoy going over to Paula's blog and seeing the sketches she does in church (and elsewhere). Today, I had a this guy right in front of me, so I pulled out my Bic pen and did a sketch on the sermon notes page. It didn't take that long so I scribbled the lady in front of him... and the guy in front of her... then quit. I really should do more of this.


paula said...

Oh, cool, Doug! Great use for the sermon notes page insert! So did you feel conspicuous? Anybody try to look while you drew? I find it takes some getting used to but the more you do, the more you relax. Nice job, btw. Looking forward to seeing more!

oddly attracted to socmo said...

i love socmo so much that i forget sometimes, just how well you do with anatomically proportionate drawing. you have great talent.