Thursday, November 01, 2007


Well, I am busy illustrating another little educational book. The finished art is due the middle of November. That's not far away. Christmas is just around the corner. AAAAAAAAAUGH!

The first step for this project is to design the main character which is a fairy. The fairy comes into town and makes a lot of changes. I was given no direction for designing the fairy, so I went to Google Images to see what fairies look like. I liked the pixie-like fairies with the little dresses that look like flower petals. After doodling a page or two of sketches I landed on the above sketch and sent it off for approval.

Now here is what seems to happen often in the wide world of freelance illustration. The client had no idea of what they wanted until they saw my sketch... THEN they know what they want, and this ain't it! NOW they give me some specific directions. Make the fairy older and hipper, with a beehive hairdo and a tiera, and go-go boots. OK... I can do that.

This really isn't a big problem... it is just that it would be much quicker if I knew what they were looking for before I began. Anyhoo, here is the revised fairy sketch. It was approved and I am working on the sketches for the book. Stay tuned!


paula said...

Well, they're both darn cute, but I guess the second one is 'hipper'--definitely older. And yeah, bummer when they don't give you direction, and then don't like the direction YOU took it.


Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Clients...they're the worst. Nice fairies though!

Anonymous said...

I have boots like that! ; ) Too cute Doug, I can hear the Fractured Fairytales theme already....

Happy Turkey day!

a : )