Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuba Christmas Jingle Bells!

Each year I try to go listen to Tuba Christmas when it happens in Nashville. Tuba Christmas takes place in about 200 cities around the country. Nashville has over 100 tubas that show up and after a quick rehearsal, put on a concert. It's not only a cool concert... but a great massage too! Your chest actually vibrates the whole time the tubas are playing. The youngest player this year was 11 and the oldest was 92.

Tuba Christmas has taken place all over Nashville over the years. They performed in a couple of malls for a few years. One mall didn't welcome them back because people stopped to listen for about an hour and didn't go into stores to shop. Some Christmas spirit, eh? They played in the downtown library a time or two but it was hard to fit in all the spectators. Then they moved to a downtown Presbyterian church which was cool, but again packed the place out and the fire marshal freaked out. The last two years they found a home in the downtown First Baptist Church. This year they added a second performance which helped out a lot with parking and seating. We were not packed in like sardines this year.

I took along my camera and put it in the movie mode to record my favorite song... Jingle Bells. If you have 2 minutes to spare and want some Christmas spirit, give this a listen. For the full effect, you should apply a little vibrator to your chest.

Have a Merry Christmas!


chuck said...

That is too cool, Doug. I've played tuba since 1967 and I've GOT to go see that next year. Thanks for posting it. You and I met at your office at Lifeway many years ago and you were really gracious with your time. You're still churning out great art! Have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I think Baby Jesus would have liked that! Very fun how they broke into...dunno the name of the number...in the middle of JBells! It fit perfectly! Thanks for sharing this, Dj!


Doug said...

if I could play a tuba I would be in it! You should join them next year... if you still have a tuba... and lips... :0)

I don't know the name of that march they stick in either... but that is why I like this version so much. Now go shovel some snow :0)

Anonymous said...

We go every year and it is wonderful. We leave feeling the spirit.

dmfsings said...

What a thrill to play in TubaChristms! What a joy to get to do it at beautiful First Baptist - Nashville. The church is SO generous to allow us to play there. What crowds!!!
The best view in the house is from the platform/choir loft area where we all get to see those magnificent stained glass windows while playing.
How great to see so many people attend...how nice to have two performances so we could be seen and heard by well over 2,000 people again this year.
Yep, having a few bars of the familiar National Emblem March in the arrangement of "Jingle Bells" is really cool.
MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all.

Doug said...

dmfsings... Wow, thanks for the comment! How did you ever find this little obscure blog post about tuba Christmas?

dmfsings said...

Google is a great little tool, besides I figured someone would have a video to post about our TubaChristmas at FBC-Nashville this year.
Thanks so much for providing your video for us to see and hear.
Did you shoot some at each of the performances? It looks like you just might have.
You know, choral singing in that room is also an awesome experience, especially a capella.

Doug said...

Google..... of course! I tried to shoot a couple of songs with the video setting on my camera to see how it came out. I think it sounds pretty good for such a little camera. I'm sure a capella is fabulous there!