Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have been too busy lately to post anything new... but the bug-eyed baby I posted last is getting on my nerves. So I grabbed a sketch of a kid juggling jars of peanut butter. That will be something new to look at for a while.

And why is he juggling peanut butter?
... Beats me.


paula j said...

That's MUCH better...Thanks. : )

Pauly said something about taking a photo in front of a big guitar. Does that sound familiar?

Bill Ross said...

Nice ILLO Doug! VERY funny! You ALWAYS make me smile! Nice choice of COLORS!

Maybe he's HOARDING jars of peanut butter! Maybe he killed SOCMO and stuffed the remains into jars!

Doug said...

PJ... there are LOTS of big guitars around... this IS Music City after all...

BR... You can't believe everything you read in the Enquirer. SocMo is alive and well and ready for America to elect him President. We need him now more than ever!

Say... don't you have a few hundred forks, roses, and snakes to paint?... get with it!