Thursday, August 14, 2008


SocMo never could spell very well...

The SocMo for President campaign is now kicking into high gear! Yes, SocMo is THE alternative to those other other two guys running. The big buzz around campaign headquarters right now is the search for the right Vice Presidential running mate. At this moment, SocMo's people are in tight negotiations with Paris Hilton's people. A SocMo/Paris combination would be unbeatable at the polls in November. Unfortunately, the talks have hit a snag. Paris' little doggy chewed off SocMo's left arm.

If you would like to help SopcMo's campaign out, just click on the button on the right and buy 1.3 billion buttons and pass them out to all of China. Oh, buy one for yourself too... and wear it proudly!

SocMo thanks you for your support.

I am Doug Jones and I approve this message cuz SocMo is totally HOT!


peej said...

I have one of those buttons, and my stuffed monkey wears it proudly. LUUUV it, Dj! Your batting 1000!

Bill Ross said...

With all these vowels goin' on, I think our obvious conjunction is SocmObama. That's the ticket!