Friday, August 01, 2008

SHARKweek day 5ive

Well, I have enough shark ideas to go for another week... or more. But a lot of ideas are diamonds in the rough, and need a lot of polishing to make them really sparkle and shine.

For example. I really like Goldfish crackers. With a glass of milk, I can eat a bag of them with no problem. So I was thinking... what if it was SHARK crackers instead of goldfish. There's an idea. I had this scribbled down on my page of random shark ideas and selected it for today. But I didn't really give much thought to how I was going to use the idea... how I would present it... or draw it. I just did the obvious, have a hand going into the bag with a shark cracker biting the finger.

So when I finished the drawing, I looked at it and it was kind of so, so. Not bad... not great... just there. It is what it is... as they say. So today's lesson, kiddies, is that you can HAVE an idea... but it is what you DO with the idea that will make it either great or a dud.

I think I will end up SHARKweek with a little humor tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Bill Ross said...

You've got to be kidding! Goldfish with a glass of milk?? I thought with the maturity of your work, that you were an adult. Try a salad! Or a nice warm plate of Hamburger Helper! Wash it all down with a brewskie, and clever ideas will start jumping right out of your skull!

peej said...

I thought it was clever. Goldfish make great croutons!