Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I watched the CBS Sunday Morning program and saw a report about Tim Hortons. I had never heard of Tim Hortons. It seems he was an all star Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player that started making donuts in 1964, and now 45 years later has over 3,000 stores in Canada. They are thinking about expanding to the states now. As I watched the report, I had a CRAVING flung on me! Those donuts looked SO good!

If you are curious, you can see the website here. Feel free to send me a dozen if you want, I won't complain... and a cup of Tim Hortons coffee would be nice too... thanks! : )

SocMo likes to juggle donuts and eat them as they go by. Such a wackadoodle!


pj said...

Ah, Timmy's. Yes, in many Canadian provincies, here's a TH on every corner (not so much here in QC but TH is still here). I initially fell in love with their pseudo-cappuccinos. Never have been a big donut fan (but won't say no!).

Good "craving" solution, DJ! Either one came undone, though, or Sock had a little chomp at it. If so, he sure chomps it clean and straight!

PS: LUV CBS Sun Morn show, though miss it most of the time.

Doug said...

I thot you would know about TH. I usually tape Sunday Morning to watch later. Sometimes they have some interesting segments on the arts.

SocMo had his teeth sharpened so he takes nice, clean bites now... : )

josh pincus is crying said...

I love your illustrations.

Years ago, Wendy's Hamburgers owned Tim Horton's Donuts, until they were spun off into its own company. I had Tim Horton's Donuts several times on trips to Canada. I thought they were awful. Very gritty and grainy and dry.
If you still insist, there are a few Tim Horton's locations in Connecticut.

Doug said...

Thanks, Josh... so far all the reports I have gotten about TH have been similar to yours... not so good.

they sure LOOKED good on TV though...

Nothing beats a Krispy Kreme!

Chuck said...

Last friday was National Doughnut Day but I heard it's okay if you make it on any other day you want. Doughnuts are like that, they're just so understanding.

Great Illustration! I really like your stuff, it cracks me up.

Adrian Ropp said...

I took a trip to Canada last year, where I discovered Tim Horton's. DELICIOUS! But not nearly as delicious as a sock monkey juggling donuts. Great work.