Thursday, July 09, 2009

Michael Jackson loves propane

I was going to title this post "Propane" but then thought that if I could tie it into the Michael Jackson mania, I might lure some unsuspecting Googlers to my blog. Anybody fall for it? ...Anybody?

I am easily entertained.

The propane tank on my grill was empty so I went to Home Depot to swap it out for a full one. I usually go inside, hunt down a helpful worker, pay for it, and then we go outside and do the exchange. This time as I was lugging my tank to the door I noticed that there was now a sign that said PROPANE SELF SERVE CENTER by the tanks. I touched the screen to begin, swiped my card, and indicated that I wanted to exchange my tank.

After a short pause... one of the doors on a long bank of bins popped open. I walked down to the empty bin, put my tank into it and shut the door. Then I walked back to the screen and waited a few seconds. I was just starting to think that with my luck, nothing will happen and I will have to go get an employee and try to convince them that I actually DID put in a tank, and didn't get one in return (being the optimist that I am) when all of a sudden another door popped open down the line. I walked down to it, pulled out the full tank, and closed the door. COOL!

I walked back to the screen, took my receipt and was off! It was so much fun I wanted to do it again! The only suggestion I would have is that it would be great to have Vanna White there to walk back and forth in front of the wall of bins and open up the right door for you. I can't wait till my tank is empty again and I can go back!

I am easily entertained.


paula said...

Heh! Makes me wish I had some propane to swap out. I wonder how much money it took to set up a propane self-service center. Is there really a big demand for something like that? And, yes, the MJ reference had me intrigued. Well done!

Chris Boyd said...

I am officially a follower. Love your work. Socmo rules!

Anonymous said...

I fell for it. Well, he was on everything else...