Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Not much has been happening here on JONESAPALOOZA lately, has it? It's high time to slap up some thing new! ...Let's DO IT!

I was drawing a chameleon the other day, and had the thought that I could work him into an Illustration Friday image. So... here you go. Meet Rufus, a chameleon who is having trouble finding the right PATTERN to use for blending into his surroundings.

This is pencil and Photoshop... click on the image to enlarge. I dare you.

Thanks for looking!


michael robertson said...

clever idea and great illustration!

Gavin Goo said...

This is funny! I like! :)

E. Thompson said...

Poor Rufus! He's certainly not fading into the background. Nice illo.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Poor Rufus indeed. Wonderful illo.

paula said...

Rufus! One of my favorite names! Poor guy is having a tough go at fitting in. How I can relate.