Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Harry Porker

So, here is the story so far. Guy Francis bought a banjo and then drew a picture of a pig playing a banjo. He challenged Stacy Curtis to draw a banjo pig too. Now lots of us are drawing banjo pigs. It's a lot more fun than working...

Where did my idea come from? Read on.

I remember reading that when Sparky Schulz was stumped for an idea for Peanuts, he would go back to basics. As he said, cartooning is just making funny pictures. So he would doodle funny pictures of his characters.

With that in mind, I thought a pig riding a banjo would look funny. After a quick sketch, my pig looked like he was on a flying banjo. Hmmm... if witches fly on brooms, a pig could fly on a banjo, right? Makes sense to me. Hey! Harry Potter flew on a broom, too! That would be fun to work into the drawing. But wait! By changing two letters, Harry Potter could become Harry PORKER! So faster than you can say Huggle-Muggle, I had a Harry Porker on a flying banjo... (a Scruggs 2000)


Sean Ingvard Ashby said...

Ha! Brilliant.

Maggie May said...