Thursday, December 16, 2010

feed the dog

I have been too busy lately to feed the dog. Wait, I don't have a dog. But if I did, he would be wearing his bowl on his head and kicking my door like Snoopy.

First our gas range died. We have been cooking with an electric skillet. Our refrigerator is half dead. The freezer doesn't freeze anymore. Then our central heat and air unit died. I think it is a conspiracy. The HVAC was confusing. Too many choices and opinions about brands and sizes paralyzed us for a while. We finally decided on one. I am so thankful to have heat right now.

After the HVAC was taken care of, we then focused on replacing the stove and fridge. The day before they were to be delivered, the water heater in the garage sprung a leak and died. I tell you, it's a conspiracy. So we got the plumber who installed the new water heater to connect the gas stove while he was here. Now we have a stove to cook on, a fridge with a freezer, hot water, and heat in the house. Yay! I have learned to appreciate things I have been taking for granted for so long... like hot water.

Then yesterday, the phone quit working.

Murphey's Law is alive and well.


Daniel Chaffin said...

I don't know. Have you looked around for a dog? Maybe you do have one, only he's not so subtle as Snoopy. You should try leaving a bowl of dog food out... because something is certainly going on over there.

Eric Barclay said...

Awesome illustrations - really like the way you portray expression. Sorry to hear that your appliances have conspired against you!