Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the AWFFL fantasy football league

(click to bigger-cize) POODLES SLURP THE NOODLES

It's football time again and that means the fantasy football leagues are back in business. I am a member of the AWFFL league. That's Another Worthless Fantasy Football League. It is composed of brothers, nephews, and assorted relatives. Some of said relatives are Professional Football Fanatics and others are... well... not. Do you see me holding up my hand here? Way in the back... in the corner... next to the exit?

We have two divisions. The Dementia and the Bipolar. Luckily, I am in the Bipolar division which is the ABSOLUTE BEST DIVISION EVER!!! uh... no, I take that back it's totally the PITS!! No... it's Awesome! No, it's Horrible! I am so depressed to be in it... never mind. Deep breath... moving on...

Anyway, after the first week my team the Penultimate Poodles, triumphed over the slippery but tasty Instant Noodles. It was a very flavorful, yet highly salty game. The Poodles relaxed after their first win in the team hot tub playing with their chewy toys, eating Purina Poodle Chow and sipping Perrier water.

Week two brings us a Home game vs the Sedro Woolley Phlegm. What a bunch of slime bags!

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Don said...

I do believe I am the Kansas City Chiefs of the AWFFL.
Pathetic and non-offensive.