Monday, September 26, 2011

Bob Staake

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Last year I attended a regional SCBWI conference here in Nashville. One of the conference leaders was Diane Muldrow, an editor and author at Golden Books/Random House. She spoke about her first "jacketed hardcover" picture book that she had written which was illustrated by Bob Staake. I bought a copy and got Diane to sign it for me.

Later in the year, Bob Staake put out a plea on Facebook for everyone to send him all the old pencils they had. He was going to use them in a project of some kind. I took this opportunity to send him a ziplock bag full of pencil stubs, my copy of We Planted a Tree, and an SASE.

I now have my copy of We Planted a Tree signed by both the author and the illustrator! In addition to signing the book and doing a little sketch, Bob also did a fun drawing on the return SASE I had sent. Cool!

Today is Bob's birthday. I think he is like 85 or something... but he is still going strong! He has inspired many artists with his speed, endless creativity, and productivity. I am a big Fan of Bob. FOB

Happy birthday, Bob!

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