Sunday, January 28, 2007

talking cows

I finished up illos for another book last week. There is an island with talking cows, but get this... the cows don't know how to use colons or semi-colons! Can you just imagine the horror? Luckily, Calvin flys in and teaches the clueless cows about the punctuation. Whew! Here are a few sample illos.
the cover illo with Calvin flying in

a safe landing for Calvin, but he does not say, "take me to your leader" ...(sigh)

If you noticed there is no colon on the digital clock... give yourself 50 points!


megan said...

The cows may not be able to use colons or semi-colons, but it looks as though they've grasped the concept of the Exclamation Point!
Really cute-- the Holstein Cowvertible is: enjoyable; lovable; adorable.

Doug said...

Thanks! I was wondering if they have MOObile phones...

catnapping said...