Tuesday, October 02, 2007


MiniMo helps SocMo raise some much needed campaign funds in his run for president.

SocMo's campaign for president is sputtering along. Sock monkeys don't get no respect and are discriminated against everywhere. He has never been invited to a debate with the other candidates. But the good news is... he has learned 3 chords now and if his campaign fails, he hopes to become a country music star.


aeneadellaluna said...

Very cute..and I love the campaign catch phrase! I adoreee the little cows! such a funny idea!

Manuela said...

Lovely :D
I love the characters :D
I don't like the cyan bg
But for the rest
well done :D


Doug said...

that's not cyan... that's BLUE!
...as in the BLUES! :o)

bee'nme said...

Too funny - I Love MiniMo!! Great idea - great execution. And wow, 3 chords already...that and his winsome personality will surely land him at least a waiter gig in Nashville - I'm afraid the music industry is sock-monkey-intollerant too...bummer.

cata said...

HeHE! very funny!
Cute characters!

zari.ZHM said...

oh! your characters are so funny! so cute too!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

You're always good for a laugh. That must be a lot of pressure.

Great work! LOVE the blue!

Doug said...

the pressure is TOO great! I don't think the dilithium crystals are gonna hold... we're gonna explode, digital Scotty!

(a poor attempt at Star Trek humor) :o)

pj said...

Ha ha ha! ("Digital Scotty"). I'd never get any work done if I was working in a cubical next to you!

PS: Your cows are the cutest!!! Love the new MiniMo, man!

Craig Lamberton said...

that cow can sure play a mean guitar :) great illustration

Doug said...

I can see that we all need a lesson in animal identification!

Hang on... it's coming!

nina seven said...

too funny! i love how you are making this work for very theme. very creative!

Sam said...

Heck, I'd vote for him -
what's his platform? Free bananas and guitar lessons for all?

Pickledog said...

Yah, take it to the streets! I am feeling Socmo's new grassroots approach. Unfortunately I'm Canadian and can't vote : (