Friday, July 25, 2008


When I was small, I used to entertain myself by lying in the floor and drawing. I would draw for hours. All kinds of things came out of my pencil. Cartoon characters, dinosaurs, inventions... random stuff.

It seems that now, most of my drawing is for assignments. And I am drawing lots of things that are not very interesting to me. And I am trying to draw them in the style the client is expecting... not much fun.

But the other day I sat down and tried to draw for fun again. After a few doodles that went nowhere, I did this little Jackalope that I liked... so here it is!


Bill Ross said...

These ain't real. I didn't see these in Texas ALL the time! You oughta try and draw somethin' real. Now THAT'S an artist. I drew a bowl of grapes once that looked so real, just made you wanna pick one up and eat it. I had a friend once that drew a rooster that looked really real too. I'm just sayin'.

paula said...

I'm wondering if bill wanted to eat the rooster, too. Hee! Oh, and there are TOO Jackelopes in Texas! It's not like they stand around on busy street corners waitin' to be seen. Ya gotta know where to look..or not look. Sheeesh!

And Dougy. He's a darn cute little guy there! Did you lay on the floor to draw him? Maybe that's the key to happy, fun drawing. Speaking of fun, have you and your wife been doing any plein air painting lately? Maybe a good red bard or two would make you feel better. I'm just sayin'.

Doug said...

yes, Billginia... there IS a Jackalope. Jackalopes live in the hearts of all true believers. Just like Santa Claus the Great Pumpkin and Tinker Bell. SOME people should find something ELSE to do, rather than post such disheartening things on other people's blogs... I'm just sayin'

Paula-poo... I went out this morning and painted with some fine folks on the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River. A rather dangerous location though. After a frustrating attempt to make a painting, it is very tempting to hurl oneself off the bridge.... I'm just sayin'

Bill Ross said...

Disheartening? DISHEARTENING?? Talk about misunderstanding what I'm SAYIN', I'd think you were my wife! Maybe it's just my uncanny ability to not communicate well. Just ask my wife. She'll tell ya. I'm SAYIN' that's only about the best drawing of a Jackalope that I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty. And I happen to know that you didn't draw it laying on the floor, cause you wouldn't be able to get up. Now THAT'S disheartening. At least for me. I'm lucky to get out of bed, let alone the floor. I think you and Ms. ex-pat Becker, and Socmo, need to go overindulge in some chocolate, get happy, and quit mocking simple minded people with communication issues. Knowhutahmsayin????

Jeremy Johnson said...

The jackalope has become my 4th grade class's mascot, and I feel your drawing perfectly captures the spirit of what an elementary school's jackalope should look like. I named him Jeffery (I hope that's ok!)