Thursday, July 31, 2008

SHARKweek day 4our

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SocMo loves to go motoring in his classic 1932 Sharkly-Benz… and offer people a taste of his Grey Poupon.


Bill Ross said...

I just finished reading a novel by graphic designer extraordinaire Chip Kidd, it was quite good, though the ending was a little flat. But in the story, which takes place in 1958, the heroine drives a "sporty Corvair". I did a little research, fact-checking if you will, and discovered as I had suspected, the the Corvair wasn't put into production until late 1959. That bothered me that he hadn't bothered to be accurate, though it was an insignificant detail. But, he did feel it important to identify her car, and the year the story takes place, so why not be accurate? All that to say, I know that Wikipedia has shouldn't be used for research, a quick inquiry showed me that the first Sharkly-Benz didn't roll out of the factory at Bikini Bottoms until 1945. You weren't even close. But a very nice drawing none-the-less!

peej said...

You tell him, Bill! Hey, I should run all my drawings past Bill before I send them out! We could all use an illustration editor, eh!

These shark illos are great, DoUg! You sure they're not getting in the way of 'real' work..?

Doug said...

bill... SocMo assured me that this was a 1932 model. That's the last time I will listen to a sock monkey! I aways STRIVE to be akurate in everay detale of my wurk.

Peej... this has just become one more self imposed deadline each day. Pretty quick work with my PITT brush pen and the old Photoshop paint bucket.