Sunday, January 25, 2009


SocMo bought himself some new threads so he can do some social CLIMBING.

For the last two years the New Yorker magazine has had a contest where people can create their version of Eustace Tilley, the iconic dandy of the magazine. I have never participated in the contest, but have wanted to do a SocMo version. This week's IF word gave me the perfect opportunity to try this.

For many years I have gone to a newstand and flipped throug the New Yorker to read the cartoons. They are very topical and usually reflect our culture. If you are curious... you can see the original Eustace Tilley and view all the entries in the contest by CLICKING HERE.


Bron Smith said...

Ah! What a treat. I haven't seen Socmo in a while. What a great way to spend the last part of Sunday afternoon, commenting on IF.

paula said...

Socmo a la Eustace! Hope you contibuted this one to their site. I was over there a week or so ago looking at the entries. This one would be so Jones-esque--I'd know it was your's!

m.b said...

Love SocMo and LOVE the New Yorker. It's one of the few magazine subscriptions I continually maintain - even if I never get time to read it. The cartoons ROCK! Best part, no question. ;)