Tuesday, January 06, 2009

turtle story

There was this like, turtle... ya know? And he was all like, "Dood! I wish I could go South for the winter, cuz it's like all cozy and warm and stuff down there... fer shure."

So he like, talked these two geese into holding a stick in their beaks as they like, flew... and he held on to the middle with his mouth. Ya know? But there were these like, hunters who saw them? And they went, "Dood, what smart geese, flying with that turtle!" And the turtle couldn't resist going like, "Dood! it was MY ideaaaaaaaa..." as he fell to the earth.

Like there is some kind of lesson here, fer sure... but I like, don't remember what it is...


paula said...

Like I keep staring at the geese's necks, where they have this like little thin line from their neck-part touching the uhm branch. And I keep like wondering if that's part of the branch, or the bottom of their head or like maybe just a wierd line sticking out of their necks to the branch. I can't look away from it.

Doug said...

Dood! these are like, Canadian geese, you know? And they like have this white spot that wraps around their head, man.

do Canadian geese go "eh?...eh?...eh?"