Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poodles hock Phlegm

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Putting the Fantasy in Fantasy Football.

Week 2 in the AWFFL fantasy football league. It was a clear day with sunny skies at Flambeau Field, home of the Penultimate Poodles. The Poodles entered the pink stadium to the roar of thousands, er, hundreds... OK, tens of fans. Their rivals, the slippery, loogie hocking Phlegm, kicked off to begin the epic battle.

The Phlegm took an early lead, sliming the field and watching while puzzled Poodles slid in every direction. It wasn't till late in the 4th quarter during a time out for tea and crumpets, that the Poodles discovered that donning their hot pink Crocs enabled them to skate by the Phlegm and score touchdowns.

The rest is AWFFL history. Poodles skated by the Phlegm with a score of 127 to 81. Next week... the Poodles face the one-eyed Chinese Bandits. Poodles are now getting in some serious practice eating their Poodle Chow with chop sticks. OY!

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