Monday, February 25, 2008

come and get it!

Here is something fresh off the drawing board... all digitized and with extra cheese. I think it turned out pretty decent so I am slapping up here for fun. I think this illustrates a parable. Can you guess which one?


lil'p said...

Ooooh...Nice piece! I like the oodgy line work!

As for the parable...Hmmm...Lessee...I'm going to guess that it's a take on the fox and the grapes (the purple doors represent the grapes; the lady looks "foxy"). Am I right? Of course not! : ) "It's supposed to be from the Bible, stupid!" (That's YOU talking to ME.)

l'il p...again said...

Did I mention that I have those guys shorts? They look like that on me, too.

A question after looking at this: how do you do your perspective? Do you eye things or use something to help get it right? As you know, I like my walls to lean.

Anonymous said...

your drawings are so fun and spontaneous Doug, they're wonderful, whether they're illustrating a point, or not! ; )

a : )

Stick said...

Hmmm, the only parable I know is the Good Samaritan... people passing someone by as the walk down a road...

I enjoy your work. Sock monkeys rock!

Fledgling said...

Can I play?

Hmmm..."You can lead a tourist to the W Hotel, but you can't make him loose the white socks and fanny pack?"

But that's a proverb, right? So doesn't count...?

"...something something...blessed are waiting servants ... something something ...?"

I give up.

Glad you stopped by me wee blog and now I can catch up on the Jones' doings AND the voice of your work!

-Cuzin Nancy