Friday, January 22, 2010


I have been working on some characters for another book, so I thought I would slap the sketches up here and see if anyone has any thoughts about them. The main character is a girl monster in a ragged dress, with blue skin, a shock of blue hair and (drum roll) wearing hightop tennies on her VERY large feet. This is what I came up with. It will be a challenge fitting those feet into the pictures. The other guy was to be a Frankenstein-like guy in a tux and crown. The others are just some family members, mom and two sisters.

I added some rough color using a Photoshop watercolor brush. The texture doesn't really show up at the size you see it here. I don't have much experience with these natural media brushes. And it seems that if I ever DO discover something, I have totally forgotten it by the next time I use them. I have a teflon brain... nothing seems to stick. Oh well, now what was I saying?...


pj said...

I love these! I would be concerned about the beg feet, too. Do they have to be THAT big? The girl monsters are fun. Frankenstein seems a little out of place. I guess that's because he's human. I think you're on the right track over-all. Thanks for sharing!

Z-Kids said...

I like 'em! The four girls look kind of Fraggle-y to me... That's a good thing, says I.
Excited to see what comes of the project.