Wednesday, August 25, 2010


On a cold winter day you need to feel the sun shining in the window and create a cozy, warm atmosphere.

It's is hard for me to imagine being cold right now. The temperature here has not been out of the nineties since June. The weather man is talking about it getting down to the eighties this week. Woo, I'd better go find my jacket.

This was an assignment I did recently. Maybe it helps you to feel cool if you are drawing cold folks trying to keep warm. That is the crazy part of being an illustrator. You always seem to be six months off. I can't wait till Christmas when I will be drawing people on the beach soaking up the sun.


k.h.whitaker said...

sweet, I like this, maybe it's because I wish it wasn't 100 degrees here... nice work :)

Anne Curthoys said...

This is lovely, I feel the same way when the weather is like that. :-)

Catherine Luce said...

Lovely colours and warm cozy feeling

Doug said...

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate your comments!