Thursday, July 26, 2007


A few days ago when I was spiffing up my header, the words "A little song. A little dance. A little seltzer down your pants." came to mind. It seemed like this would clue in visitors that they would be more likely to find something FUN here on JONESAPALOOZA than a deep theological discussion. I decided I was predestined to use this on my blog. For a deep theological discussion of the word PREDESTINATION, go to my deep theological discussion blog JONESATHEOLOGY.

Anyhoo... I was just thinking. There are probably some folks out there who don't know where this phrase comes from. Well hang on, cuz I'm about to tell you. One of the classic Mary Tyler Moore episodes was about the funeral of Chuckles the clown. It is one of my all time favorites. I thought I might find it on YOUTUBE and went looking. Sure enough, through the modern miracle of the World Wide Webby Internets we have that scene preserved for future generations.

If you have 6 minutes with nothing to do and want to laugh a little, just CLICK HERE and watch it.


23yosexytiredgirlwantingtochat said...

Cool! Fun stuff, that theology! (speaking of, the link to your theological blog isn't working there. Better have a look at that. ;)

Thanks for the Youtube of MTM's Chuckles scene. It's brilliant acting and humor I agree! I've been Youtubing old "Rhoda" episodes myself. I forgot how good these shows were. I miss 'em.

One more question since you brought up predestination: So are you a supralapsarian or infralapsarian? I'll await your reply and reasoning.

(Still, still, still avoiding that job!...)

Doug said...

today I am a panmillennialist. Everything will pan out in the end. I also like to wear my aluminum pointy hat around the house to keep the aliens at bay.

thanks for asking...