Saturday, July 14, 2007


SocMo made the DISCOVERY of what he would look like as a Simpson character. You can build a Simpson version of your own bad self RIGHT HERE.

To see the Simpson version of me CLICK HERE.

I have made the DISCOVERY of many talented artists through Illustration Friday. If you take a look at my list of COOL BLOGS you will find some of the folks I keep my eye on. Check 'em out!

If you give yourself a Simpson makeover, let me know... I'd like to see it.


nina seven said...

So fun!

Elisabeth said...

I did! A few posts down on my blog.

I'm working on my discovery picture now.

carla said...

Ha! Very funny:>

Chickengirl said...

hahah! Thats so funny. I've been seeing lots of folks building their own simpsons but I didnt think Socmo would too.