Friday, August 03, 2007

animals 74-77

So, for some reason I hit a block on drawing a rabbit. I drew it over and over but couldn't quite get a rabbit I really liked. At some point I always decide to just go with what I've got. But then... the next animal was a Yak with a yo-yo. I looked up Yaks in my big book of animals, and this is the first thing that popped outta my pencil. And I liked it. Bingo! I LIKE when that happens. The next guy is a platypus. Does it look like a platypus? Again, I don't see any of these flattened on the highway so I don't have any first hand experience with them. The toucan has a big jar of marbles. Don't ask me why. It's obviously a toucan thing.


Javier said...

Nice work!
I like your stile.
These animals look great.

Greeting from Santa Fe (Argentina).

paula said...

I get the rabbit ordeal. But he looks great...just fine--which is what I hear from others when they look at the piece I'm wresting (like that) over. I didn't realize platypuses had furry tails. I thought they were like a beavers. I better get my big book of animals out and look.

Ps. LUV the Yak! Kind of has Charles Manson eyes.