Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hockey player

Well, I took another stab at making an image with Photoshop tools. The good news is... I keep learning new things each time I try this. At this point I am more focused on just making the shapes than I am with designing the image. So this guy is a bit wonky.

Isn't wonky a fun word?


evelline andrya said...

photoshop lover??
ummm... me too, hey i like this coloring.
btw, i love the animal series u've posted, but where are the final artworks?
i'm waiting to see them here...

Pickledog said...

I can't wait for hockey season to start again..
I like the shading that you added to the hockey jersey. The ruff speckle brushes in Photoshop are so nice.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Good work! I love blue and orange together. Yes, wonky is a fun word. I think we have the Canadians to blame for that one.

Chickengirl said...

Good for you in trying something new. These photoshop stuff you are doing are looking great....I am so comfy in illustrator but I could definitely learn more stuff in photoshop.

pj said...

It's interesting that you're taking your work (or at least these pieces) in an even tighter direction than your usual work. I'm always striving to go the other way. This looks non-wonky to me, fwiw. Is this a sort of self-portrait? And, yeah...I wanna see the final art to the sektches, too. Smart to leave us wanting more!

And yes...I KNOW what duct tape is! : P