Saturday, February 10, 2007

6 weird things about me...

Well, I got tagged by Bron Smith, creator of the marvelous Trowbridge Chronicles, and MrsB, the creator of wonderful, whimsical illustrations. It must have been a tag team double whammy on me. I am on the ropes! I have to list 6 weird things about myself, then tag 6 others to do the same.

So... here is my list:

1. As you can see by the photo... I can bend my thumbs back 90 degrees. I always thought that would help me out when hitchhiking, but never have tried it.

2. My sense of smell is wonky. I am never aware of smelling anything. This used to come in handy when I had to change diapers.

3. I painted a 10 foot tall fiberglass GUITAR which stood in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville one summer.

4. I am learning to play a ukulele that I bought on eBay recently. Think ukuleles are not cool? Just take a look at THIS!

5. I still have a sock monkey that my mom made for me when I was a wee little kid.

6. I don't always follow the rules. Like now. I am supposed to tag 6 other people to make a list... but I'm not gonna do it. Am I a rebel or what?


megan said...

That is some crazy thumb action you got going on! Re: the smelling thing: did you have Scarlet Fever as a kid or something?

Doug said...

I don't know what is up with my nose. Back when I worked in an office (many years ago) a lady would come in in the mornings with OVERPOWERING perfume on. The smell would make me feel sick for the rest of the day... maybe that burnt out the little smeller things in my nose...